Review : Tales From Midhgardhur

Read this book. you will not be disappointed. You can find “Tales From Midhgardur” here,


Dark, Gritty, and Dazzling. A must read for all fans of Norse Myth.

Mr. Brodd will dazzle and ensnare you in his vivid and dark Norse tales. The cover of this book does not in any way do his collection of short stories justice. Mr. Brodd takes the world of Norse mythology and catapults you into the deepest and darkest realms of mystery. His depiction of Norse gods is second to none bringing every detail to such vivid life you forget where you are in the moment. I particularly enjoyed that he did not shy away from some of the grotesque and bloody truths of Norse myth that so may seem to wash over. His detailed knowledge of Norse mythology lends a great deal of credibility to his stories and Mr. Brodd adds his own artistic touches to bring you into his world. I am not normally a fan of short stories and I could easily see Mr. Brodd turning each of them into a full fledged book (which I hope he does); however I was captivated by each one and each story stirred my emotions in very different ways. I am looking forward to reading his next book.


Tales From Midhgardhur, Volume I by [Brodd, Colin]

Review for Valhalla Unleashed – Jan 4th

Reviews are an Authors lifeblood and I love get feedback whether positive or constructive criticism. All of it helps me to better hone my skills and improve as a writer. Here’s a review from Patty Beyer; 5 STARS!!!

“I literally could not stop reading this story, I finished it in one setting. The characters were strong and I loved how intense the action was, even graphically so. If you are a fan of Nordic tales then you must read this story. Now I need to go and read the first book so I can then come back and read this one again! Grade A storytelling.”



Deleted Blogger…


So I did it. I started a real website and deleted my old blogger site. It’s a good step forward to becoming credible as an Author and a business. There are frankly so many free services out there but everyone can always sniff out the cheap freebie feel. It’s never a good thing when you are trying to draw in a larger audience. In any case I’m happy to have started this page and I’m looking forward to posting on my WordPress site going forward.

A nice feature is that it will automatically post to my facebook, google+, and twitter account making my life a lot easier. So keep an eye out and look for more Blogs coming from my home at . Skal everyone! Here’s to new beginnings and a never ending sea!

Do Facebook Ads Work?

What I’m really asking is; did the Facebook ad that I purchased get me more sales? Well, lets look at the data. Below is the ad that I posted.

My first mistake that I noticed was that I completely forgot to even mention in the ad that it was an ebook! My heart sank because I already paid for it so it could not be changed. I pictured Thor standing behind me with Mjolnir giving me love taps on the back of the head.

In any case at least I learned my lesson about being specific before I place ads. Some key information;

How much did I pay for the ad?

– Just $5.00

What did Facebook Promise?

– Anywhere from 1,000 – 2,500 additional people reached with my ad.

How did the ad perform?

– That’s kind of mixed. The paid ad itself reached 989 people. Now that’s a pretty good number but I’ve hit that on my own before without paying for it.

Did I get more sales than usual?

– No. Not at all. In fact this was my worst .99 cent sale since I’ve been doing them. Now, I can’t blame Facebook for that since I use several methods to communicate my product. Not to mention that timing is EVERYTHING. Many books go on sale on a daily basis and I think this time my book was simply drowned out on Amazon. Sometimes I sell more books at the full price than at the discount price.

Below are some stats from the Facebook ad.

So what did I get out of the ad?

1. Facebook Likes!!! Exposure!!!

– I got about 10 – 15 Facebook likes which is fantastic because it’s been slow going to build my facebook audience.

2. Organic Reach – Exposure!!!

– Even though the paid ad only hit 989 the organic reach has continued well beyond the ad period. Below is a pic of the current reach, 2,238 people!!!! Now that is a level of reach I have not been able to do on my own. It continues to eeekkk out more people and hopefully more sales.

End results, I think most of my sales came from two critical venues, the first being Amazon itself. Amazon is a monster and if they push your content it will sell to someone. The second is social media connections, I had several Viking related pages that I chat with on a regular basis help me get the book out there. Some of their followers even confirmed that they purchased the book. Am I telling you to stay away from Facebook Ads? Absolutely not, timing is everything and who knows, Facebook may get your info into the hands of the right people. Good luck!

David Roach, Author of Marauder

Writing – It’s not all creative….

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

First of all I want to wish everyone a happy holiday season. I hope everyone has been enjoying time with family as I have. Today I decided to write a piece to help aspiring writers. I know there is someone out there who was just like me pounding the keyboard and wondering when they would finally reach their goal. Enjoy.

When I initially started writing my book it was fun, exciting, and my imagination ran wild! There were so many opportunities, so many different outcomes I could choose from. So I went to work, I pounded the keyboard day and night putting “word vomit” to paper and when I thought I was done I had exactly that, word vomit. A slightly coherent and jumbled mess of creativity that I had carelessly thrown onto paper. The more I read it the more hopeless it seemed that it would ever become a real “book”. What was I to do?

     This is where the hard work came in. It became less about writing and more about revising, reviewing, and revising again. At first it was painful, terribly painful….. I remember days where I did not even want to pick up the paper because of the agony felt every time I found a mistake. Slowly my confidence began to errode and my dream of moon lighting as a writer seemed it would fizzle into oblivion.

In truth it was my wife who finally helped me get back on track and motivated me to finish. I eventually found an editor and created a process that I stuck to for several months until finally on November the 24th, 2014 my book Marauder was published on Amazon! So what advice can I give to aspiring writers, what insight could a newly published indie author possibly offer?


2. HATERS GONNA HATE! Surround yourself with people who are supportive and dump the rest.

3. TIMELINE / STORY BOARD If you plan your story well upfront there will be less mess later.

4. REVIEW AGAIN AND AGAIN. No matter how many times you review you will find mistakes. Create a process that works for you and stick with it.

5. GET BETA READERS WHO ARE COMMITTED. It’s hard to find people who are willing read your book front to back in a relatively short amount of time (One Month) and give you insightful feedback or grammar corrections. Most people will promise to help you but when it’s go time if you don’t give them six months they will act like you were overly demanding on their time.

6. GET AN ONLINE EDITOR Let’s face it, at some point you will have to pay into your book. It’s an investment! Shop around and find a proven Editor.

I hope you find this helpful and ultimately reach your goal. Remember, don’t ever quit!!!

– David