The Novels




Marauder by [Roach, David]

“Sons of Odin, what makes the grass grow and the rivers flow?”
We replied in unison, “Blood, blood, blood!”
“And how do we get blood?”
“Kill, kill, kill!”
“For glory!”

When Audan, a loyal and tenacious young Viking, sets off on an epic journey across the ancient Norse world, he soon discovers the myths and legends of his Viking ancestors are more than just that. Crusading with his brothers in arms, Audan must face rival clans, terrifying monsters, and an onslaught of the undead. But to his dismay, Audan quickly discovers bad luck may not be by chance. Once revered Gods, now scheming and meddling in the lives of mortals, whose thirst for power and lust leave the Viking world in turmoil. Just how far will Audan go to save his land and people?

Valhalla Unleashed

Valhalla Unleashed: Marauder by [Roach, David]

“Draugrs! The undead approach! If we are going to die, let
us die with honor. Come on,
boys, let’s send these bastards back to hell from whence they came!”

As the veil of darkness falls on the lands Midgard and the forces of hell emerge to extinguish life as we know it; the warriors of Bjorgvin stand ready for a fight to the death! Audan and Jareth return in this epic Viking saga to defend their home and people once more; but the pestilence that infects the Norse world has become stronger than ever. Through the mists, ancient dangers will emerge of tooth and claw, leading to a struggle of cataclysmic proportions and catapulting the age of men to its doom. Can the warriors of legend prevent the coming hell fire of the Ragnarok or is man doomed to be grinded to dust under the feet of demonic Asgardian gods?

Realm of Fire

Realm of Fire: Marauder by [Roach, David]

“This is the one, the one the prophecies have spoken of. He who shall be our greatest savior, or the destruction of all…”

The enemies of Midgard have revealed themselves and descended upon the brave Viking warriors of Bjorgvin. Audan must now face his demonic enemies and seek out new allies to battle the greatest of evils. With his brother Jareth taken against his will into the depths of hell, Audan will travel to new lands and explore the vast depths of the Norse Realms to save his comrade in arms. The Ragnarok has arrived. Will Audan rescue his brother and survive the coming clash of man and gods or will Midgard descend into the eternal abyss?